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ENCQOR 5G: Open Access to the Full Potential of 5G Technology

The full potential of 5G will be revealed to Canadians gradually, as new and innovative applications are developed and can be supported by powerful, high-performance 5G terminals and networks to function well and deliver their full potential.

A Trusted Autonomous Vehicle Running on the Power of the Cloud

In 2018, in collaboration with its industry partners, the Government of Canada and the provincial governments of Ontario and Quebec, Thales invested in the ENCQOR 5G project to participate in the development of 5G technology and support the creation of a 5G communications network in Canada.

Successful remote use and demonstration of ENCQOR 5G

ENCQOR 5G is proud to sustainably continue its activities amid the ongoing pandemic by using innovative ways to support participating SMEs and its various partners.

A Transformative and Structuring Partnership for the Canadian Economy

Already, the establishment of this first pre-commercial 5G broadband digital wireless telecommunications infrastructure corridor in the country offers significant assistance to innovators participating in 5G projects in Quebec and Ontario, enabling them to turn their new ideas into reality or improve their products, making the digital economy a reality.

Concordia University, ENCQOR 5G and Ericsson join forces to create the Industrial Research Chair in Cloud and Edge Computing for 5G and Beyond

Concordia University, ENCQOR 5G and Ericsson are proud to announce the creation of the new Industrial Research Chair in Cloud and Edge Computing. The new chair will aim to increase the performance of the 5G network by relying on cloud and edge computing technologies and artificial intelligence (AI).

ENCQOR 5G passes the 400+ SME mark

We have now passed the 400+ mark for SMEs and other participants registered in the ENCQOR 5G program, demonstrating the great interest in the potential and possibilities of 5G technology among companies in Quebec and Ontario.

Requests from SMEs for access to the ENCQOR 5G systems and network are coming in

As a reminder, external access to the ENCQOR 5G systems and network in our 5 innovation centres can be obtained by SMEs that request it. Furthermore, indoor access can now be possible in some of our centres, upon request.

Our Partners Remain Firmly Committed to the Development of 5G Solutions Despite COVID-19

Despite the significant impacts of COVID-19, a number of SMEs, ENCQOR partners and researchers have continued their work on ENCQOR 5G projects in the past few months. We recognize the perseverance of our project partners in Quebec and Ontario in the development of solutions and applications using 5G.


In the context of the global pandemic, SMEs in Ontario and Quebec are being called on to transform how we do business in several sectors across Canada.

ENCQOR 5G and Mitacs Join Forces to Support Quebec SMEs and 5G Innovation to Tackle COVID-19 Pandemic Challenges

Through this new Mitacs-ENCQOR 5G agreement, additional funding is available for Quebec SME businesses and post-secondary partnership initiatives that want to use the ENCQOR 5G network to address the demands placed on 5G technology development in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

ENCQOR 5G Invites Quebec and Ontario SMEs and Researchers to Develop 5G Solutions to Help Canada Become More Resilient When Faced with Situations such as COVID-19 Pandemic

ENCQOR 5G is pleased to announce the launch of a technological challenge for Quebec and Ontario SMEs to develop innovative 5G solutions to help Canada become more resilient when facing situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic.


Three years ago, ENCQOR 5G started up its activities. Much has been accomplished since then thanks to the commitment of SMEs and our business partners. We intend to build on this momentum, while adapting to the current situation resulting from the COVID-19 crisis.


The loT Accelerator and Cloud Emulation applications are also remotely accessible for SMEs and our other business partners. We are working on solutions with respect to the 5G telephony service, which is normally only available when the innovation centres are open.


We would like to provide an update on the continuation of ENCQOR 5G’s activities in the context of the events surrounding COVID-19. For safety reasons, the five innovation centres associated with ENCQOR 5G are closed until further notice. ENCQOR 5G will continue to offer its services and functionalities that are available remotely to SMEs and other business partners.

The ADRIQ and ENCQOR 5G Sign Collaboration Agreement

Through this agreement, a large ecosystem of Quebec SMEs and institutions will be able to access the ENCQOR 5G technological platform to deploy adoption projects.

ENCQOR 5G Reaches a New Milestone in Signing Memorandums of Understanding With 6 Telecom Service Providers

ENCQOR 5G is very pleased to announce that it has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with 6 telecom service providers in Canada. These enterprises are (in alphabetical order): Bell, Cogeco, Ecotel (Ambra Solutions), Rogers, Telus and Vidéotron.

ENCQOR 5G launches first public mmWave service in Canada

Canada’s first publicly accessible 5G mmWave service is now live at Invest Ottawa, and will be rolled out to the other ENCQOR 5G sites in Quebec and Ontario in the coming weeks.

Canada’s First 5G Wireless Network for Open Innovation is Open for Business

Testbeds in Ottawa, Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, Montreal and Quebec City now operational

ENCQOR 5G Webinar–5G and SMEs: What Is It and Why Should My Company Be Paying Attention?

The global race to implement Fifth Generation (5G) wireless digital infrastructure is on. But what will 5G mean for tech-driven small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)? Join us for a high-level, electronic fireside chat that will examine the business, economic and social implications of 5G technology.

Historic ENCQOR partnership will launch Canada’s 5G communication highway

Digital technology partnership yields $400-million investment

Media Coverage

5G Opening Doors to New Technology Applications

The fifth generation of mobile communications, or 5G, coming to Canada promises greater speed, capacity and reliability, making possible new digital products and services that are expected to change the way we live and work.

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SOURCE: The Globe and Mail

How 5G will power smart cities of the future

Imagine a city where autonomous vehicles communicate with traffic lights and on-the-ground sensors to clear traffic jams. This is just an example of the potential solutions that could come from the advancement of 5G, the next generation of cellular technology. With each new generation comes new possibilities.

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SOURCE: The Globe and Mail

Your Business with David Wojcik – Epi 27 – 5G Networks

Tim Kostyniuk, Senior Director, Digital Economy Technologies. OCE, spoke with David Wojcik about 5G networks.

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ENCQOR 5G testbed ready to collaborate with businesses

ENCQOR 5G, the first pre-commercial 5G wireless testbed is now running and ready for the “start of business collaboration” in specific industries.

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SOURCE: Mobile Syrup

Why the $400 million 5G funding announcement matters for Canadians

A sign that Canada is taking 5G innovation very seriously

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SOURCE: Mobile Syrup

Ontario and Quebec to launch ‘5G corridor’ through $400 million public-private partnership

Ontario and Quebec are receiving a pre-commercial 5G testbed network through a $400 million CAD private-public partnership.

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SOURCE: Mobile Syrup

Feds, Ontario and Quebec to invest $200-million in linked network of 5G research labs

The federal government and the provinces of Ontario and Quebec are investing $200-million in a series of linked laboratories for 5G technology, hoping to spur the development of Canadian innovations to run on the next generation of wireless networks.

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SOURCE: The Globe and Mail

Super-fast, next-generation 5G wireless to get $200M research boost from governments

Get ready for new, blisteringly fast networks that will replace what you're currently using.

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Canadian governments partner with digital heavyweights to prepare for 5G future

The governments of Canada, Ontario and Quebec are partnering with some of the world’s digital heavyweights to usher in the next generation of wireless technology.

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SOURCE: The Canadian Press

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