AVO on the ENCQOR 5G testbed

Autonomous Vehicle Organization (AVO) is a Toronto-based company focused on connecting and protecting people from connected and autonomous vehicles. Through the ENCQOR 5G program, AVO was able to test their technology, Foresight, on a 5G network to further develop it to achieve maximum performance.

Putting out the fire of uncertainty

The reality of firefighting is that it is an unpredictable and dangerous profession. The creative minds at Longan Vision believed there was an opportunity for firefighters to see things differently by developing smart augmented reality (AR) devices for the next generation of firefighters.

Moving massive files through the cloud

In a world with an insatiable desire for video content, the rapidly-evolving media or entertainment industry is faced with a challenging question of how to quickly and reliably transfer massive files. MASV offers a fast and secure way of moving enormous files over their cloud network.

Streamlining shipping for land, air and sea

Companies that ship products now have a way to address all the usual logistical and accounting headaches and create a streamlined process for shipping freight anywhere in the world. RoadLaunch enables a company to manage its fleet, save time and connect securely with trusted freight partners.

Operating underground drones from the surface to keep miners safe

As technology advances, machines are increasingly replacing people in jobs that involve dangerous conditions. Clickmox Solutions is developing a system that enables unexplored cavities of underground mines to be surveyed before miners begin any work in the area.

Unlocking the yield potential of indoor crops

Most existing technologies help farmers by providing data on growing conditions such as light, moisture, pH, air temperature and humidity. Bloom, a Toronto-based software company and subsidiary of Normative Inc., is focused on extracting data about the crop itself.