ENCQOR “5G” was a transformational $400-million partnership that brings together five global digital technology leaders (Ericsson, Ciena Canada Inc., Thales Canada Inc., IBM Canada, and CGI) and mobilization partners Prompt, Innovation ENCQOR, and Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI) to build the next generation of digital infrastructure.

ENCQOR “5G” brings together large companies, SMEs, and academia, to contribute to the advancement of research, innovation and demonstration of applications using a pre-commercial 5G testbed.

This partnership is made possible in part by funding from the Canadian government and the provincial governments of Québec and Ontario.


Oversight of the ENCQOR “5G” initiative is provided by Innovation ENCQOR Inc., a non-profit organization charged with the project’s governance and administration.


Innovation ENCQOR Inc.'s Board of Directors is composed of:

Voting Board Members:

  • Germain Lamonde, Chairman of the Board
  • Paul Baptista
  • Peter A. Barnes
  • Frédéric Bastien
  • Corinne Charette
  • Étienne Lemieux
  • Andrew Hrymak
  • John Luszczek
  • Jonathan Milne
  • Nizar Ladak
  • Claude Carrier
  • Catherine Samson
  • Mark Shorey
  • Rodney G. Wilson
  • Suhayya Abu-Hakima

Board Observers:

  • Anne Bermonte, Government of Ontario
  • Éric Dagenais, Government of Canada
  • Mathieu Gervais, Government of Québec
  • Claudia Kryiwak, Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI)
  • Pierre Boucher, General Manger of Innovation ENCQOR

For more information on Innovation ENCQOR, read the news release.