ENCQOR 5G's efforts to support knowledge dissemination in 5G take on a new dimension with the start of the fall season. In particular, we are pleased to begin a program with a higher education institution where the ENCQOR 5G test bench will be used in a training program for engineering students.

Also worth mentioning is the holding on September 16 of a bootcamp on the subject of smart cities with the participation of several Quebec SMEs. In Ontario and Quebec, webinars on various 5G applications in vertical sectors will also be held this fall, allowing companies to see and appreciate the benefits of 5G in their field.

The virtual activities held by ENCQOR 5G, with the support of our OCE partners in Ontario and ADRIQ and Prompt in Quebec, are now adopting an increasingly interactive format, allowing for exchanges and discussion. This contributes to making these events more dynamic and more responsive to the expectations and needs of participants.

ENCQOR 5G: A network available to students

ENCQOR 5G is the only 5G test platform in Canada based on a network of 5 interconnected innovation hubs (Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Waterloo), offering access to all 3 5G band ranges and allowing the full potential of this technology to be explored.

Our internship programs at OCE's TalentEdge in Ontario offered in association with Mitacs in Quebec, allow hundreds of university graduate students to work directly on 5G projects.

With the support of its private and academic partners, we are proud that ENCQOR 5G can help foster the emergence of a new cohort of young researchers, technicians, engineers and developers who will help Canada become a leader in the development of 5G worldwide.

Pierre Boucher
General Manager