What is 5G?

The Benefit of 5G For SMEs

5G networks are on the horizon and they will fundamentally change how we do just about everything. 5G research and testing is ramping up quickly and its emergence will impact everything from communities to healthcare and transportation as well as objects (the Internet of Things, or IoT) and cities.

How will it affect me?

Through the use of high-frequency radio waves, 5G is expected to make significant advances in three important areas: connectivity, latency and bandwidth.

With millions of devices coming online each year, stable and predictable Internet connectivity is vital. Latency is the time between cause and effect. When you pay a bill online, you want to know quickly that it has been processed. Bandwidth is important as things like video streaming become more common. You don’t want your favourite show to time out or stall.

With potential speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second and ultra low latencies of milliseconds, 5G will be critical to delivering a whole new generation of products and services to the marketplace such as connected and autonomous vehicles, remote healthcare, virtual reality, smart cities, and new Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The future is connected, and 5G is the platform on which it will be enabled.